Sustainable Development Goals/ Fair Trade Group

As the first Fair Trade Congregation in Mankato, St. John’s has partnered with MAFTTI, the Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative, since 2009. When Mankato became the first Fair Trade Town in Minnesota in 2011, St. John’s and other congregations led the way!

We pledge 0.7% of our annual budget to an organization that seeks to follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals and uses Fair Trade principles. We are motivated by our faith and by Jesus’ call to love one another. We seek to address issues of social justice, the environment, critical healthcare, and programs to support women in leadership development and children. We educate our congregation and community about Fair Trade and the SDGs. In the process, we host a Fair Trade Bazaar, Reverse Trick-or-Treating, volunteer at the Ten Thousand Villages Holiday Kiosk and participate in MAFTTI events. We serve only Fair Trade coffee and tea and sell Fair Trade products.

We encourage you to check out the St. John’s Mankato page on the national Fair Trade Campaigns website  and the MAFTTI website for more information about Fair Trade activities and how you can get involved!